Buy & Sell crypto for fiat in decentralized way
Start earning in fiat and crypto now becoming a Market Maker
Buy and sell crypto for fiat with No KYC and market price
All profits are distributed between DeFX community members.
Our mission
Let crypto reach everyone in the world
The gap between crypto and fiat currencies is occupied by centralised companies.
They store your personal data, they charge you fees, they block your funds.
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We want to bring anonymity and security to fiat-crypto trading and to redirect profits from centralised companies to crypto community.

We believe that facilitating trading between crypto and traditional currencies will speed up spreading and adopting crypto over the world.

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What is DeFX
Is a DeFi Protocol for exchanging fiat and crypto in decentralized way. Security of trades is provided by on-chain market incentives. No KYC required, no hidden fees. Profits of the protocol are equally distributed between DeFX crypto community.
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Profits of protocol are distributed between $DeFX Token holders.
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Do not pay but earn fees in crypto and fiat, do not miss out.
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how to earn
DeFX protocol belongs to and serves its community. Join us and get a share in our ecosystem.
Become a Market Maker
Create buy/sell offers, set your price, earn on price difference. Market Makers aren’t charged any fees.
Become a Community Member
Profits of the Protocol are used for purchasing and burning $DeFX token, increasing its price. In this way, profits are distributed among the community.
$Defx token
$DeFX Token serves as a guarantor of community ownership of the Protocol. All charged fees are instantly used for purchasing and burning $DeFX. There is no central authority to purchase/burn token, it’s hard-wired into DeFX smart contracts.
Fair and transparent launch
Locked liquidity
Locked for Dev Team
No token admins
Total supply:
Initial Circulation:
No fees
July 2022
  • Deploy DeFX smart contracts
  • Launching DeFX Dapp v1
  • Launching TG bot to support trading
  • Support of initial cryptocurrencies
  • $DeFX Token publicly available for community
Q3 2022
  • DeFX Mobile
  • extending supported cryptocurrencies based on community votes
  • increasing protocol liquidity
  • working on v2 version of DeFX smart contracts and DeFX Dapp
  • improving DeFX bot to support automatic trading
Q4 2022
  • launching DeFX v2
  • introducing floating price offers to improve trading with volatile assets
  • inctrucing fiat-to-fiat-offers
  • decentralised governance
H1 2023
  • Launch on Polygon
  • Launch on Solana
  • Launch on Kusama
  • Launch on Polkadot
H2 2023
  • Development secure bank API for lightening crypto-fiat and fiat-fiat trades
  • Launching price oracles for fiat currencies
How much fees DeFX charge?
Market Makers (offer creator) aren’t charged any fees. When you match existing offer, you pay 0.3% fee. Cancelling deal in most cases is free of fees. Check details here.
How trades on DeFX are secured?
Thanks to strong incentives encouraging traders to play fairly, the vast majority of trades on DeFX go smoothly and quickly. Check details here.
Will my bank know I’m trading crypto?
DeFX doesn’t deal with banks at all. All fiat transfers take place directly between users.
Are there any country restrictions for DeFX?
No. DeFX is fully censorship-resistant.
How my bank details and messages are secured?
They are cryptographically encoded, and available for decoding only to you and to user, you’re trading with. Check details here.
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